Abode New Homes is a leading home builder year after year. This is attributed to the business culture and positive team that make it all happen.

Abode New Homes has built an internal culture that does away with hierarchical management of yester year, embracing a more highly motivated team environment ensuring each and every player is dealt the same respect, skills and training in order to flourish.

Our internal team is made up of a Business Manager, Construction Manager, Finance Manager, Estimator, New Home Facilitators and Administrators. Together they manage each and every aspect of your new home construction all playing an equally important role in achieving goals. Weekly meetings are held to ensure each player is up to date with the progress of each and every home in construction and kept abreast of future company developments.

Locally, Abode New Homes employs in excess of 30 head contractors many of whom have been with them since the beginning back in 2002. It is estimated that this in turn equates to 120 local tradesmen that work on their homes at any given time.

By having clear policies and procedures in place, each tradesman is aware of what is required and that Abode only accepts the best outcomes.

Drive around and you will see that job sites are the tidiest and most organised in town, as every person on the team takes pride in being involved with such a reputable company.

Above all, partnerships have been formed with approximately 25 different material supply companies to ensure each and every home has the finest quality products backed by a reputable manufacturer’s guarantee.

We have an awesome house thanks to awesome people and we moved in 8 weeks early!"

Alison & Scott

You can tell a good builder by the after sales service... yours has been great!"

Lee & Kathy

Our house started at the same time as our neighbour. We have had a dream run, moved in early and would build with Abode again. Our neighbour doesn't have the same feelings for their builder."